True Confessions of a Mid-Life Cook

There's a definite correlation between my profound love of music and how and what I've taught myself to cook. My favorite music to listen to and to perform is soulful, sensual, sometimes funky and always bluesy in nature . . . and that's exactly how I cook. I like to get my hands in the food. I chop, I knead, I stir with my hands. Sometimes I wear my big rimmed cowboy hat, nightie and Old Gringo boots in kitchen, sometimes a coonskin cap when the mood strikes and sometimes just an apron and a smile. Using the freshest of ingredients, I love to bringing a new spirit to old favorites. I am so to drawn dishes seeping in both Texas and Southern tradition,with a special affinity for those authentic old jewels found in South Louisiana.
Because they, too, are so powerfully soulful?

I've discovered being a good cook is a journey and not a destination. (Yes, I stole an over-used corporate slogan and made it my own--but it's still the truth) Every time we screw up, we learn. And in part, that's what this blog is about. Cooking fearlessly. With heart, with soul -- and with some damn good music to inspire. (If your three layer chocolate cake ends up looking like a Jerry Springer rerun or you cut the tip of your thumb off while making New Year's Day gumbo, WHO CARES?Proclaim Francine Reed's "I'm a Handful" your theme song. She would like that.)
We cook because we find ourselves kinda empty if we don't.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fresh Vegetarian Tacos

Recently, there have been some food changes at my house.  Someone, who shall remain nameless, has high blood pressure and so the cook in the family has had to think differently about how she prepares food.  Due to time constraints, focusing on landing and accepting a new job, I've neglected my blog.  But last night, I created something that hit the mark as far and being healthy and blog worthy all at the same time.

These initially started out as fish tacos, but when I discovered the talapia that I thought I had in freezer was MIA, I opted to go vegetarian.  The results were no less than remarkable.

Whole wheat tacos

Tarter sauce
Hellman's regular mayo (light has more salt) or your own homemade
Plain Greek yogurt
Juice of one lemon
Chopped fresh cilantro
Chopped fresh parsley (little bit)
One small onion, diced
One medium dill pickle, minced
Splash of pickle juice
Black pepper
Cayenne pepper
1 dash of Slap Your Mama Cajun seasoning

1/2 package of Mann's Broccoli Cole Slaw or any broccoli sprouts
1/2 red bell pepper, chopped
1/2 peeled cucumber, diced
1 ripe Hass avocado, peeled and chopped

2 portabella mushrooms, chopped

Mix up your tarter sauce, using 1 part mayo to 1 part yogurt -- the remaining portions of ingredients
are up to you
Mix with broccoli slaw
Stir in other vegetables except for mushrooms

Heat a little olive oil in  a cast iron skillet to med hot
Cook mushrooms until soft and set aside

In same skillet, without cleaning, lightly brown your tortillas to bring out maximum flavor and assemble the tacos any which way you want.


Mary said...

I really like the various elements of your recipe. It looks delicious and sounds interesting. I spent some time going through some of your other recipes and like your slant on food. I'll be back as often as I can. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Tavern on the Concho said...

Thanks, Mary. Cooking is such an adventure for me. Please drop by again.

Vegetarian Yogini said...

that's surely something for me to try! Very elaborate recipe- thanks for sharing it! Feel like you are my friend already!